This is a photo series featuring gallery attendants in art museums, hence the title Art Work. It’s an interesting job. Their role, besides customer service, is primarily to make sure that visitors do not touch/damage/steal artwork. They’re essentially babysitters and we’re the brats with dirty hands, and occasional mischievous intent.

Their presence in the same space as these admired pieces of art provides an interesting juxtaposition:

1. Constantly-moving people and inanimate objects.

2. One is the central focus of our attention while the attendants exist in our peripheral vision.

If you think about it, the people, objects and the gallery itself form a hierarchy of dependency with each other. The museum exists for the sole purpose of exhibiting artwork, and the employees have jobs because the museum exists. In essence, a piece of painting or sculpture created (and perpetuates) an entire industry. Who ever said art was useless?

However, the artwork needs the art workers to keep it safe in the same way the king in chess needs bishops and rooks to protect him. So, the first installment of the Museum Series is dedicated to the staff of art galleries all around the world.