2016  >  B.S. Liberal Arts (Self-Designed Degree Program)
Minor: Interdisciplinary Science
Thesis: TBD
Sample Courses: Critical International Political Economy; The History of Poverty; Media and Politics of Propaganda; Media, Messages, & the Mind; Research Design & Data Collection; Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying the Perception of Reality; Math Models in Nature; Mind Design; Political Psychology; Quantitative Reasoning and Data Visualization



Professional Courses

  • Investigating Outbreaks of Psychogenic Illness (University of North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness)
  • Chemical Weapons: Protection Basics (UNC-CPHP)
  • Elements of Leadership: Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Under Emergency Conditions (Columbia Regional Learning Center)
  • State of the Science: The Health and Mental Health Consequences of Catastrophic Events (CRLC)
  • Analysis of Information in Humanitarian Emergencies (CRLC)
  • Shooting Reconstruction: 4 Elements of Trajectory (Forensic Technology Center of Excellence) 
  • Straight to the Bone: Advances in Forensic Anthropology (Forensic Technology Center of Excellence)
  • Collecting Footwear and Tire Impressions in Snow (RTI International)
  • Investigating Sexual Violence: Emerging Solutions and Best Practices (RTI International) 
  • Fingerprint Identification: Reliability and Accuracy (RTI International) 
  • Models in Forensic DNA & Pathology (RTI International) 
  • Introduction to Flow Cytometry (BD Biosciences)
  • Technical Advances in the Visual Documentation of Crime Scenes (RTI International / Virginia Commonwealth University) 
  • Bloodstain Documentation and Collection Methods (RTI International)
  • Cold Case Safety Net: Missing and Unidentified Persons (RTI International / National Institute of Justice)

Work History

[To be updated]


Texas Private Security Registration: Private Investigator
Issued By: Texas Department of Public Safety
Austin, TX
Registration Number: 00319282

Volunteer Work

Friends of the Library
Fort Bend County Library System
Missouri City Library
Senior Volunteer

United States Geological Survey
The National Map Corps
Map Editor

Google Translate Community
English-Filipino Translation Contributor

Clarion West Writers Workshop

TRIAL (Tracking Impunity Always)





                               Digital Design                                                                        Coding




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