2016  >  B.S. Liberal Arts (Self-Designed Degree Program)
Minor: Interdisciplinary Science
Thesis: TBD
Sample Courses: Critical International Political Economy; The History of Poverty; Media and Politics of Propaganda; Media, Messages, & the Mind; Research Design & Data Collection; Cognitive Mechanisms Underlying the Perception of Reality; Math Models in Nature; Mind Design; Political Psychology; Quantitative Reasoning and Data Visualization



Professional Courses

  • Investigating Outbreaks of Psychogenic Illness (University of North Carolina Center for Public Health Preparedness)
  • Chemical Weapons: Protection Basics (UNC-CPHP)
  • Elements of Leadership: Decision-Making & Problem-Solving Under Emergency Conditions (Columbia Regional Learning Center)
  • State of the Science: The Health and Mental Health Consequences of Catastrophic Events (CRLC)
  • Analysis of Information in Humanitarian Emergencies (CRLC)
  • Shooting Reconstruction: 4 Elements of Trajectory (Forensic Technology Center of Excellence) 
  • Straight to the Bone: Advances in Forensic Anthropology (Forensic Technology Center of Excellence)
  • Collecting Footwear and Tire Impressions in Snow (RTI International)
  • Investigating Sexual Violence: Emerging Solutions and Best Practices (RTI International) 
  • Fingerprint Identification: Reliability and Accuracy (RTI International) 
  • Models in Forensic DNA & Pathology (RTI International) 
  • Introduction to Flow Cytometry (BD Biosciences)
  • Technical Advances in the Visual Documentation of Crime Scenes (RTI International / Virginia Commonwealth University) 
  • Bloodstain Documentation and Collection Methods (RTI International)
  • Cold Case Safety Net: Missing and Unidentified Persons (RTI International / National Institute of Justice)

Work History

[To be updated]


Volunteer Work

Friends of the Library
Fort Bend County Library System
Missouri City Library
Senior Volunteer

United States Geological Survey
The National Map Corps
Map Editor

Google Translate Community
English-Filipino Translation Contributor

Clarion West Writers Workshop

TRIAL (Tracking Impunity Always)





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