Folie à Deux was initially launched as a book & zine publishing company in early 2015. Although it was an idea spawned from conversation I had with a friend on the concept of "shared madness," it quickly became a collaborative project with writer Eileen Ramos, who worked very hard to make this crazy idea (pun intended) a reality.

However, the business side of it did not take off due to a million reasons and Folie à Deux was temporarily placed in a retirement home. Eileen went on to pursue other career opportunities in writing and publishing, and I decided to resurrect the Folie à Deux brand with a completely different business model, or what I call a "re-purposed idea." 

In its current form, Folie à Deux is a book sharing platform where members can borrow books from Folie à Deux's growing collection of titles and trade among each other. Many of the publications in Folie à Deux's library are non-mainstream literature, such as zines, self-published poetry chapbooks, short fiction anthologies and graphic novels. We want to provide writers and artists with the platform to showcase their brilliant works and mad ideas. 

Below is the web design for the original website, which took me forever to finish due to procrastination and extensive travel. I chose a minimalist, black & white design for the website and logo, using original photographs from my archives.