I've known her for 5 or 6 years. We've been through a lot as friends. We've talked consistently throughout most of our friendship. She emails me writing opportunities as much as she critiques, and shares my published work. Likewise, I encourage her to try new art forms, such as performance. 

We spend a lot of time in each other's company physically, vocally and digitally. We explore the city we've both adopted, walking around and laughing at inside jokes. We share food and we share our presence of mind with the other, which is why we can sit across each other at a crowded restaurant and make everyone else disappear; it is why we can have dinner--me carefully putting food on her plate and her pouring drink into our glasses--like a married couple, with the television on, and yet not have any illusion/delusion about our perfect dynamic.

We even attend protests she tells me about (which is great for my photojournalism career). A friend is someone who aids in your growth and pushes you to evolve. They elevate you to heights that you can't reach by yourself. She does that and more.

After we explore the cityscape, we explore each other: creases and scars on our skin become avenues and boulevards.

When we first had sex, she bled. Stigmata, I said. She asked me what my sins were today. I said, You.

You are a dear friend and nothing will ever happen between us (this is the point where my love for you reaches the edge). Although I can never fall in love with you or love you in the way you probably wanted me to a long time ago, this is the best "relationship" anyone on Earth can ever be blessed with, and I'm glad we share the same bed from time to time.