A writing exercise written at Burnham Park, Baguio City, Philippines.

3 January

Today, Japan signed a deal to loan money to the Philippine government for infrastructure renovation, thus regenerating Manila after it was completely destroyed in the war.

25 January

Washington, D.C. pledged further collaborative military exercises to erase memories of the U.S. military killing over 100,000 unarmed men, women and children during the Philippine-American War.

6 February

Twelve people were killed in a landslide in Northern Benguet. It has not been confirmed yet if the casualties include illegal loggers who operated in the region.

18 February

A famous pro-democracy activist gave a lecture on how the liberal elite can help combat dictatorship. When a student in the audience inquired about hypocrisy among the liberal elites, which the speaker did not like, the audience member was escorted out of the auditorium by security.

10 March

An armed militia group who tried to capture illegal immigrants gathered at the border on Sunday morning, and was later arrested by police for trespassing on a rancher’s property.

11 April

A local communist organization—who made headlines last month for a large anti-capitalist demonstration in the downtown area—claimed that their laptops and smartphones were stolen from their office on Monday morning. This afternoon, the police recovered the victims’ items after discovering the stolen materials in a classified online. The suspect in the case claimed that he stole the items to support his impoverished aunt, who was dying of cancer.

15 April

A bishop visiting from Madrid performed mass at San Agustin Church with the help of a local translator. In his sermon, he spoke about compassion, tolerance and encouraged parishioners to help the poor. The church was built in 1571 after the Spaniards conquered Manila.


For the historian who has never revised history and for the journalist who has never falsified a story.