Project Notes: In Memoriam

I will be on a train to California for the next twenty-plus hours, so I'll have plenty of time to read books and work on writing projects. One of the medium-scale projects for this year is an epistolary novella called In Memoriam, which is essentially the story of a man's life told through logs in a funeral/wake guestbook. Each character or guest will write different notes on the pages, such as memories, innuendos, and clues that paint a pointillist portrait of the deceased. It will start off seemingly normal and mundane (i.e. "He was a hardworking farmer and I'll miss having coffee and chats with him in the morning."), but with each entry you will see that this simple man was actually anything but. 


I customized and bought an actual funeral guestbook from a shop, and when my mom saw it on the kitchen table, she asked, "Who died?" I explained to her the concept of the book and she actually thought it was clever. That is a first. She usually thinks I'm just a weirdo with crazy ideas (which is true), or is totally oblivious to my literary work. 

I will write each entry using different ink types and colors in various handwriting styles. The second phase will be to scan each page to produce high-resolution JPEG images. The actual finished product will essentially be a picture book of these images. 

This will be one of the main projects I'll be working on during my week-long journey. The first phase is to write an in-depth profile of the main character, then create an outline of his life and death, and then create profiles for each character/guest and how they related to him. This will be fun.