We're in Business

1. I received my business cards.


One for Lot 49 Private Detective Agency. If you need background checks, surveillance, undercover operations or digital forensics done, feel free to message me. To view a comprehensive list of all my services, visit: www.lot49agency.com/primary.

The other business card is for general purposes since I do a million different things. I just hand it off whenever I do freelance journalism assignments or photography work. 

2. Shout-out to the editors of 100 Word Story and to the publisher, Outpost19. It's always cool and humbling to see my name inked on the pages of a book.


3. I found this old laminated transit map of NYC. Back in 2007/2008, I used this instead of Google Maps because my phone broke on my way there. Anyway, it got me around and helped me re-learn the city I used to call home. Seeing that map in the storage box brought back a lot of memories. 


I found other old maps of places I've been to. 


4. I received a surprise in the mail today. It's a copy of Lettres Mag, which had a successful Kickstarter campaign. I had no idea why I received it. The sender label didn't tell me anything. No name--nothing.

I opened the package and saw this beautiful magazine with thick, premium paper. I saw a note handwritten by Agnes, the creator and editor of Lettres, stating that Audrey had gifted me this copy and the opportunity to write and submit my own letter for the next volume. Thank you, Audrey. Although we don't talk anymore (even though I'm technically talking to you if you're reading this), I'll always appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity.