Music Production

1. Working on my EP record Califa. It's a purely instrumental collection. I spent a day or two mixing and mastering the tracks. I'll post an announcement when it's on iTunes. I'll also produce limited-edition cassettes, CDs, and vinyl records for purchase. 

La Jolla work.JPG

2. An anonymous person asked me to investigate someone. The suspect was someone I wasn't expecting. I didn't take the case. This person needs a psychiatrist, not a private detective. 


3. The new Battlefield Earth. Crimes and warfare are conducted digitally these days. 


4. I'm in another major transition phase. I'm getting things ready for the next chapter: plotting logistics, setting up future business ventures, doing research on my new city. It's always exciting to dive into the unknown. It's what I do best. 

5. I wrote a new article for Rappler X, called "The Ephemeral City." Check it out.