Bootleg My Basura Poetry

1. Shout-out to Gladys, Kwago, Bootleg Library and Maker Faire Manila for including my chapbook. Feel free to steal my work, if stealing subpar literature is your thing.


2. Reflections on my first experience with being on set:


3. Masipag Mode is not my default mode.


4. Every project you devote time and effort to should be "personal."


5. Working on a screenplay for a mini-series and an article simultaneously. Who says you can't be a filmmaker and journalist at the same time? My life is constantly in draft status.

6. Shout-out LoosenArt Gallery. My photo was chosen to take part in the Memory exhibition in Rome. Too bad I can't fly to Italy right now because of work. I'm very humbled and grateful for the inclusion. The funny thing is I took this photo with an old film camera just for Instagram.