Op-Ed Footnote

I wrote these final paragraphs for my op-ed article after finishing up my other part-time work (proofreading university textbooks) and not having slept for 18 hours. How I was able to type words after reading/correcting a pile of scientific manuscripts is beyond me.

"The question now is whether the Duterte administration is willing to spend money on rehabilitation programs. In a previous article, I reported that the government is willing to spend $180 billion on infrastructure projects, such as the New Clark City development in Tarlac. Could the government match even a quarter of that amount in drug rehab programs?

The backbone of the Philippines is and always will be its people. The masses who occupy this land are just as much part of the national infrastructure as highways and bridges. Today, there are over 1 million Filipinos suffering from drug addiction. When a bridge has cracks, you don't simply blow it up. Instead, you fix it. When the government finally sees drug addicts as human beings that need treatment instead of jail time or bullets, the country will finally get closer to winning the war on drugs."