My life revolves around research, whether I’m working as a private detective, investigative reporter, or as a multidisciplinary science researcher. Below is an outline of my diverse range of work in the broad practice of research.

As a licensed private investigator, I’ve assisted private clients and organizations with investigative and security needs. I’ve also worked with multiple law firms in conducting legal investigations, both criminal defense and as an expert witness for state prosecutors. In the field and on my work desk, I utilize various techniques such as OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) as well as other methods of intelligence collection in the field, such as:

• Undercover operations

• Fixed and mobile surveillance

• HUMINT (Human Intelligence)

• IMINT (Imagery Intelligence)

• Deep web and dark web research

• Background checks

• Digital Forensics

• Operation target reconnaissance

• Geospatial intelligence and UAV reconnaissance

• Accounting forensics

As an investigative journalist, I combine applicable skill sets and methodologies from my private investigation career and innovative techniques learned from ethnographic/anthropological research. Many of my investigations include a supplementation of data journalism, documentary filmmaking, podcasting/audio documentaries, and photojournalism. Select investigative projects have led to public policy memorandums and proposals, which included additional research outside of the journalistic scope. My past work includes the following:

• Human rights violations and war crimes research and reports

• CBRN (Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear) post-incident reports

• Proliferation of emerging military technologies

• All-source conflict analysis

• Non-state actor dynamics (e.g. people’s liberation movements, corporations, lobby groups, paramilitaries, etc.)

• Artillery systems and explosives anatomy and taxonomy

• Cryptocurrency crimes

• Terrorism financing and the financing of proxy combatants by intelligence agencies and rogue states

• Strategic use of water and natural resources by militaries and terrorists

• Political use of social media and the Internet in general

As an interdisciplinary science researcher, I use the latest best practices in field and laboratory research, whilst using the tried and tested scientific method as my guide. Some of my past research and peer-reviewed theses include:

• Audio field recordings of indigenous folklore told by tribe elders in the Philippines

• The effects of man-made islands on the natural environment

• The hydrology of volcanoes and their similarities to the geology and topography of Jupiter’s moons

• The effects of illegal logging and deforestation on mountain geology and the prevalence of landslides

• Addressing false memories and other human psychological/neurological errors similarly found in artificial intelligence neural networks

As someone who is highly inquisitive and analytical, I am skilled at developing and implementing methodology, assisting in data collection and analyzing the results of research. I am capable of assisting team members in the development of data collection methods that adhere to regulations. I am also able to collect data with great integrity. Following data collection, I am able to competently utilize data analysis programs to draw conclusions regarding the research hypotheses.

Other than the experiences and skill sets I’ve listed above, I also have a background in medical laboratory technology and clinical procedures, such as:

• Various blotting techniques

• Cell-based assays

• Flow cytometry (FACS) technology to complete advanced cell sorting

• Cell counting and biomarker detection

• Quantitative analysis and results interpretation

• Urinalysis


• Phlebotomy

• Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology

• Clinical chemistry

• Haematology

Technical skills include Python, R, MAXQD, TLOxp, Microsoft Office Suite, SPSS, LexisNexis, MATLAB and Tableau.

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