I was inspired to make this photo series after exploring a park near my home. Though the park is within the suburbs and is just a short drive on the freeway from the metropolis of Houston, you could go to this park and feel like you were in the woods of rural Michigan or New Hampshire. Despite the illusion of isolation, the park is, sadly, scattered with evidence of human civilization in the form of pollution. There were so many beer bottles, food containers, plastic cups, and even half-pairs of socks.

If we all died, whatever we left on this planet at the moment of our demise is what the next civilization will examine as archaeological artifacts that tell our people’s story.

Subtraction/Addition is a glimpse of a public park development process already under way. Ever since human civilization began to urbanize and industrialize, we began "subtracting" untouched land and added our own artifacts in its place. 

What are the long-term effects of real estate and public developments? Every year, more and more natural landscapes are being erased to make way for man-made structures, commercial spaces and residential communities. While I appreciate the beneficial and practical qualities of architecture and enjoy public parks, I began to wonder about the detrimental effects of such development projects on naturally-regulated ecosystems. Maybe one day we can find the balance between intelligent land use and preservation.